Services Overview

 A typical therapeutic session is a weekly appointment for 50-60 minutes. When clinically appropriate, we may consider meeting with more frequency or for an extended period of time. I am HIPAA trained, and confidentiality is a top priority. Your work with your therapist is unique, so we will partner together to identify the areas of your life you seek to change and create an individualized plan tailored to meet your needs. I am here to help in a safe and comfortable environment. I would be honored to be a part of your journey in creating positive change.


Individual Counseling

In individual sessions, we will identify together the area(s) of your life that you want to work on to achieve greater balance and happiness. I truly care about my clients and I want to hear your good, bad, troubling and joyous experiences. We will explore feelings, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors while processing challenging memories and cognitions, improving skills and working towards your desired change.


Couples / Family Counseling

In couples and family sessions, we will identify the area(s) where the couple or family is struggling. The goal is not to isolate or blame one another, or to have the therapist as the “expert” evaluate who is right or wrong. You are the expert in your own life and your own relationship or family. I am here to help you navigate this process and facilitate effective communication. Together we will explore the relationships and work to improve what is holding you back from a happier, more balanced life. In couples and family work, it is often requested to meet for 75 or 90 minutes.


Group Therapy

Group therapy provides many benefits. Individuals who join groups are able to make connections in the community, share experiences, and learn and process together. Some people may feel intimidated before their first group. This is normal. But most people report that within their first session they already felt comfortable and look forward to the next session. Most people describe group as a helpful and rewarding experience.


Organizational Consulting / Employee Mediation

In the workplace things don’t always run as smoothly as you hope they will. Employees are people, after all, and people have their own unique experiences, ways of doing things, and communication styles. Sometimes people clash or struggle to communicate, which may lead to poor employee morale and sub-par work. Bummer, right?

I can help your team achieve clarity and create solutions to improve the work environment, performance, and morale. I use critical thought, therapeutic practice, mediation and resolution skills to improve relationships, aid communication, create effective solutions, and help your team find its balance.

The office is warm, home-like and comfortable. I believe in creating and maintaining a safe and judgement-free space for my clients.